KS Capital - Key service attributes
Personal approach -
with only senior professionals responsible for clients’ affairs. Our experience includes 35 successfully concluded IPOs, raising equity of $300m in aggregate,
Relationship driven philosophy -
rather than being transaction driven. We have a philosophy of nurturing the growth of our corporate clients, providing continuing advice and assistance with funding requirements, M&A opportunities and expansion plans.
Market Support -
K S Capital can readily access and channel investment proposals and support through extensive 3rd party stockbroking and institutional contacts, enabling clients to operate and pursue their corporate objectives with the confidence that their capital needs will be fulfilled.

Key service attributes

Smaller companies, regardless of their particular business, share many common attributes, weaknesses, demands and challenges including limited human and financial resources, inexperience of the stock market and a lack of broader investor interest and coverage. We focus upon a number of key service attributes designed to meet the particular needs of such clients. These include: